Reservations must be made.
Sorry No Walk-ons or Same day Reservations.

When Booking your reservation!!!
It is best to call and reserve in advance!!
 This will ensure the availability of your desired reservation date.


Hours of Operation:

Weekends: 7:15a.m. to 12p.m.
                  12:15p.m. to 5p.m.

Weekday reservations Available
Hours are varied

Please arrive at your scheduled reservation time. In order to get your full amount of playing time in your reservation.

Group size Minimum:
Minimum size group is at least 12 people.
The minimum age to play is 10 years old.
Sorry no walk ons or same day Reservations.

We Require Payment in full for at least the minimum size group of 12 people.

This will confirm your reservation and lock in your date. PAYMENTS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE

Rewards For Group Organizers

All group organizers with a group of twenty or more people
receives One FREE Rental and 100 FREE Paintballs!!!
$32 Value!!! Only one organizer per group please!!

Paint Pursuit Games is great for: Birthday &  BachelorParties
                                     Corporate Outings
                                        Schools & Churches
                                    Friends & Family

If you have a Big Group Check out our
Special Offers on the Home Page!!!

Costs: $25 Per-Person

Includes: Semi-Auto Paintball Marker
                       Barell cleaning squeege included
       Goggles with facemask
                        Anti fog fan included with goggles
                             Pod belt holder (Paintballs Not Included)
Free Co2 refills 
                 Four hours of Private Play

Free use of chest & back Protectors for women & kids!! Available while quantites last!!!

In your four hour game session. You will be taught how to use your equippment, instructed the safety rules of the field and will be introduced to a mixure of different games. See the games we play section. Some of them are listed.

All games are timed. We try to get your reservation in as many games in as possible during your time session.
 Usually anywhere from 9 to 12 games.
Please have your group arrive on time. 

Additional Costs:

Paintballs: $7.00 for 100 rounds
Most Customers use between 400 to 600 paintballs for the
Session. Please Plan accordingly.

At Paint Pursuit Games you'll go through less paintballs than you will at other paintball fields. Because of the way we set up your equipment and special rules in order to save you money. Unless you plan on shooting like crazy!!

All Paintballs are packaged in the new Pursuit Pods Paintball pods. This allows you to load quickly in the field
without delays. So you can enjoy playing the game.

Check out the pursuit pod at

Camouflage Jump Suits: ( Sizes X-LG to 3X Only) - $7.00

Paint Grenades: $6.00

Paint Pursuit Games Accepts 
Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover
for your paintball purchases on the field


There's Paintball
and there's
Paint Pursuit Games

Come Discover the Difference!!!



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