About Paint Pursuit Games

Paint Pursuit Games is committed to providing a fun, friendly and professional atmosphere to its customers. Sport and Health Tips. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced. We offer an experience that will be remembered and enjoyed! !!

Paint Pursuit Games has specialized in private group outing since 1988.

Sport Game 1:

A Game of strategy, speed, and knowledge

The Objective of this game is to find your oposing teams “flag station”. Capture their Flag and bring the flag to your flag station with out getting “hit” with a paintball in order to win. In the process of this your team needs to also defend your flag station from having your flag captured by the oposing team.

If while in the process of bringing the flag to your flag station and you get “HIT” you must do one of two things.

ONE: Return the flag back to your opposing teams camp


TWO: while on your way back to your opposing teams camp. You can hand off the flag to a live team member so that they may be able to attempt to win the game for your team.

This is a timed Game

Sport Game 2:

This is a game of skill, speed, and knowledge

A double flag will be placed somewhere in the middle of the Playing Field

The object of this game is to find the “Double Flag” and take it to your opposing teams flag station!! If you are “hit” while carring the double flag. Place it over the nearest tree branch you can find and go to the neutral zone or base camp area.
If you run the double flag into your own flag station!!
You will lose the game!!

Regardless if your team is successful in eliminating your opponents, this is the only way to win this game

This is a timed game